Motorists double parking in Jalan PJU 8/5D, Damansara Perdana, recently. PIC BY MAHZIR MAT ISA

DOUBLE parking in commercial areas in the Klang Valley is the norm.

However, some motorists wish the authorities can resolve the situation by issuing summonses to those who double park.

An executive officer in the Damansara Perdana commercial area, Petaling Jaya, who wants to be identified only as Firdaus, said there was nothing much they could do to stop the problem.

“Some vehicles that are parked properly in parking bays place cones, but nothing can stop others from double parking.

“I believe the cause of the problem is the insufficient number of parking bays in this commercial area. Each shophouse has about 3 floors, each with different businesses.”

Firdaus urged the developer to think of another solution to fix this problem.

“If there is an emergency, those in parking bays would find it hard to get out.”

A resident there, who wants to be identified only as Arman, said there were a lot of eateries in the area.

“From my observation, more vehicles double park at lunch-time, causing  congestion in the area.”

He said he hoped the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) would take action.


A council spokesman said the council was aware that a few roads in Damansara Perdana had parking issues.

“There are towing operations conducted daily by MBPJ officers”, he added.

He said although the operations were carried out daily, drivers still committed the offence.

“We also issued compounds amounting to RM310.”

MBPJ urged motorists to adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

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