The overgrown trees in Kampung Cheras Baru, Kuala Lumpur, are pressing against electric cables. PIC BY SYARAFIQ ABD SAMAD

RESIDENTS of Jalan 17, Kampung Cheras Baru, Kuala Lumpur, have complained about trees that have not been trimmed for years near the Peninsular Malaysia Welfare Centre Council.

Heng Sinn Yee said the overgrown trees were pressing against electric cables.

“The trees are growing awkwardly, causing them to lean to one side and break the centre’s wall.”

She said residents worried if the trees might uproot.

“The monsoon season could worsen the situation.

“The trees that are leaning sideways are at risk of falling and injuring people.”


A spokesman for Kuala Lumpur City Hall said it would dispatch a team to investigate the situation.

“We will determine if the trees are on public or private land.

“For further complaints, the public can contact our hotline at 1800-88-3255 or email us at,” he said.

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