Only 63 abandoned vehicles in Petaling Jaya have been claimed by owners.

PETALING Jaya residents are worried about abandoned vehicles that have become breeding sites for pests such as mosquitoes and rats.

The vehicles are damaged, rusty and without wheels. Some even have plants growing in them.

The public is also annoyed because the vehicles are occupying parking lots.

A man, who wanted to be known only as Jonathan, said there had been abandoned cars in his area since August last year.

“It seemed like these abandoned cars have been hogging these parking spaces for the longest time and it’s especially hard for those of us who are living right above the shops. They have also become an eyesore,” he said.

A woman, who lives in a condominium nearby and prefers to be known only as Louisa, said she did not like going to the shops because the abandoned cars were attracting rats.

“Understandably, after being left here for months, the four cars have become breeding grounds for rats and mosquitoes.

“It is such a health hazard with dengue cases on the rise. It is absolutely horrifying when you can see rats scurrying around on the road.”

She added that the windows of one of the cars were broken and passers-by had been throwing rubbish into the vehicle.


A Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) spokesman said: “After receiving complaints regarding abandoned cars, MBPJ must leave a notice, notifying the owners to remove their cars.

“However if, after 14 days, the cars are still there, we will tow the vehicles to our depot.”

He said MBPJ had towed away 1,077 abandoned cars in Petaling Jaya and only 63 vehicles had been claimed by owners.

“We hope the public will be patient because before towing away abandoned vehicles, we must first check and see whether the owners want to claim them or whether the cars are needed as evidence in police cases.

“There are also procedures to be followed to discard abandoned cars.

“MBPJ would like to urge the public to not abandon unwanted cars by the side of the road or in parking lots. If you wish to dispose of your car, please do so correctly.”

The public can lodge complaints by calling MBPJ’s hotline at 09-7954 2020 or visit

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