(File pix) Vehicles park illegally at Jalan PJS 1/52 near Park Avenue condominium, Petaling Jaya. Pix by Zulfadhli Zulkifli

A RESIDENT of Park Avenue condominium called up Actionline to complain about vehicles parked illegally in Jalan PJS 1/52, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The complainant, who wanted to be identified only as Mahdi, said the vehicles were parked haphazardly and this caused difficulties for residents.

“We have lodged complaints with the authorities requesting them to put up steel bars at one section of the road to prevent motorists from parking.

“They have installed the bars, but it is not enough.

“We want the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to put up more bars along the road.”

Mahdi said residents would not mind legitimate parking in the road.

“The problem is that motorists park their cars by the roadside, which has no designated parking spaces.

“Trucks or lorries have trouble passing through.”

He said at times, drivers of the bigger vehicles honked, hoping motorists would move their vehicles.

“I hope MBPJ can issue summonses to these illegally-parked cars or put up more steel bars.”


Since last year, MBPJ has been issuing compounds to the vehicles in the  area.

“Last year, we issued 46 compounds, amounting to RM100 each.

“The City Council is aware that the vehicles parked along the road are mainly owned by residents of the condominium,” said the spokesman, adding that, therefore, the authorities could not tow the vehicles.

  He said in the first three days of this year, MBPJ had issued 16 compounds. 

“We are doing checks and we will issue summonses to vehicles that are not parked in designated areas.”

The spokesman said the Engineering Department would look into putting up more steel bars by the roadside.

“Before putting up more steel bars, the department will have to look into the width of the road to ensure vehicles on both sides of the road can pass through at the same time.”

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